About Tourist Marketing Services

About Tourist Marketing Services

The territorial tourism promotion and tourism marketing service is provided through the subsidiary SW6 Destinations Ltd, the latter is also the manager of the DMC (destination managemente company) portals connected to Coolvoyage.

The network is proposed as coordination for the promotion and enhancement of the territory through the activation of projects and initiatives capable on the one hand of improving the offer of the territory and on the other its ability to promote and market itself.

Strategic and personalized consultancy for the identification and planning of online corporate marketing policies, with particular attention to tourism and territorial marketing which provides for integrated promotion actions of the structure and the surrounding area.

Realization of tourism and territorial promotion products, creation of the tourism product and enhancement of the destination, development of integrated products for the promotion of the territory and personalized tourism marketing tools for sector operators.

Destination Management Company


A Destination Management Company or DMC is a company that deals with the organization of logistical services for tourism for vacation and business.These are companies usually located directly on the spot itself, which take care of organizing all ground services and, sometimes even domestic or national scheduled or registered flights (i.e. where private companies use a daily schedule or several times a week) specializing on a specific territory of which they enjoy in-depth knowledge, which can be at the provincial, regional or national level. They provide hotel reservations, transport, tours, excursions, event organization and anything else needed. They differ from tour operators and travel agencies by limiting themselves to a particular region or nation, in some cases to several countries, but always linked to a continent in this case. A DMC operator is therefore a specialist who is able to provide individual packages and services related to tourism, meeting conventions, congresses, travel packages (having their own insurances stipulated on site) in the destinations on which they specialize. A DMC is often a partner of tour operators, but it does not sell only to Tour Operators and Travel Agencies as it once was, today DMCs sell to any type of customer, even the private one.

Destination Management Organization

According to the UNWT, a DMO (Destination Management Organization) is an organization that deals with the strategies of coordinated management of all the elements that make up a tourist destination.

Among the main objectives of a DMO we can include:

integrated and systematic promotion of a tourist destination, that is, communicating its unique image and enhancing its peculiaritiessolicit collaboration between operators in the tourism supply chain (associations, accommodation facilities, travel agencies, T.o Incoming, public entities ..) present in the area of interest.
training of tour operatorssupport and advice to businesses to overcome any management gaps

 A DMO is usually characterized by a partnership between public and private entities

DMCs differ from Tour Operators

DMCs differ from Tour Operators because they are limited to operating in a particular region or nation.
they have a stronger promotional force, strategic and aimed at internalising the destination becomes a brand
They act as intermediaries.
In fact, they collaborate with several tour operators to provide services to their customers to arrive and once they arrive at their destination

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