Until the time is right to travel again, we’re here to inspire you with pictures, stories, recipes and more. Let’s take a moment to reflect on our wonderful world

In the past few months, the world has completely changed. Many borders have been closed and most countries are currently in isolation. In a way, it almost seems that the whole world has hung a sign saying “" Closed “".

At this moment, the day when we can return to venture away from home and experience life beyond our walls seems a distant light on the horizon.

But that day will come – the day the world starts to open up again. We believe that the best way to open the world we live in again is to stay at home – for some time yet. And when we are finally able to go out and experience the wonders of the world, we will be able to appreciate them even more.


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Who are our travelers

Our guides were born for people who travel for different reasons: for those who decide an experience abroad, for business travelers, for those looking for a new lifestyle, for retirees they are looking for a nice place to live peacefully well-deserved pension, for those who always want challenges and decide to invest in another country. We should wait for the new rules to get on the road, we are preparing ourselves by enriching our guides. What differentiates us from other guides? We are not an algorithm, that heart and feeling, we are people who live in the destinations we tell. 

Our AMBASSADOR are real people who can be helpful in both choice and information, for this there are only 4 destinations, because we are not numbers.

Who decides to live the pension in another country

Those who decide to start a new business or just want to expand

Those who decide to study or have an experience abroad

Our Services

Tourism Promotion of the territory


Destination Management Company

Investment and business consulting


Questa rete di siti web è nata per i viaggiatori italiani, dal 1999 quando con Phuket Italia siamo stati il primo portale su Phuket in italiano, ma crescendo abbiamo sentito la necessità di rivolgersi a tutto il mondo, quindi abbiamo sviluppato un DMC essenzialmente bilingue (italiano e inglese) per destinazioni storiche: Thailandia del sud, Sardegna nord-orientale con la Costa Smeralda e Londra.

Travel Inspirations

For us, keeping on the watch means going down as much as possible into the reality we encounter. Let yourself be guided by curiosity. And follow a thread. When I travel, I let myself be guided by chance, by chance encounters and by the unexpected. A list of good restaurants or fabulous panoramas is not enough, you need your heart, you need to love a place, you need to love a philosophy, you need to dive because a trip is not a simple holiday.

Travel Inspirations

Per noi, stare all'erta significa scendere il più possibile nella realtà che incontriamo. Lasciati guidare dalla curiosità. E segui una discussione. Quando viaggio, mi lascio guidare dal caso, dagli incontri casuali e dagli imprevisti. Un elenco di buoni ristoranti o panorami favolosi non è abbastanza, hai bisogno del tuo cuore, devi amare un posto, devi amare una filosofia, devi immergerti perché un viaggio non è una semplice vacanza.



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This network of websites was born for Italian travelers, since 1999 when with Phuket Italia we were the first portal on Phuket in Italian, but growing we felt the need to address the whole world, therefore we developed an  essentially bilingual DMC (Italian and English) for historical destinations: South Thailand, North East Sardinia with the Costa Smeralda and London.