The Prime Minister is not sure that the 7-day blockade of Bangkok will stop the spread of COVID-19

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha remains non-committal on the proposal to lockdown Bangkok for seven days, to contain the ongoing spread of COVID-19, saying that he has to consider the issue very carefully and hear the opinions of all stakeholders, including people in the capital, about the impacts from such drastic action.

“How can we be sure that, after the lockdown, it will be over? If it is not, what should we do? I think that, if we get hurt but it will be over, then we should do it but, if we get hurt and it does not work, then we should explore other means,” said the prime minister, as he advised everyone in Bangkok to consider it their duty to look after themselves.

He also made clear that he will not seek tougher laws to contain the spread of the virus, noting that the current law is enough, but there are still people who defy it, apparently alluding to the various political groups which staged protests on Thursday in the capital.

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