Phuket Annual Events

Everyone’s opinion on the best area to live in Phuket will be different. For some, being five minutes or less away from one of Phuket’s famous beaches will make the island life complete. For others, being right in the thick of the nightlife scene is their ideal. Still others may prefer to stay in a quieter area or a part of the island that retains a more typically Thai character.  So rather than proclaim which part of Phuket is the best to stay in, I’ll give the pros and cons of the main areas, then you’ll have a better idea what to expect. In any case, my suggestion would be to explore a little bit for yourself once you get here.   If you’ve never been to Phuket before, you might be surprised at how big it is. Traveling along the main highway running down the center of the island, it becomes easy to forget that you’re on an island at all.  With such a large area, there will be someplace to suit everyone’s tastes. Phuket has everything from rowdy party zones teeming with international tourists to family-friendly, quiet beaches.

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