Moving from Retirees

the profile of the pensioner of the new silver economy

SW6 DESTINATIONS Ltd in collaboration with some travel agencies and tour operators, which take care of organizing the transfers of Italian and UK pensioners to foreign countries with a mild climate, a standard of high-level services and a subsidized taxation, to fully enjoy in a mild retirement climate

Thus, after the brain drain, we are preparing to witness the flight of retirees, until now considered the inactive base of the economy and now animated by a new spirit that is anything but sedentary; modern pensioners, who are alone in Italy more than 16 million out of a total population of 60 million, have a high weight in reality which is expressed in the adhesion to parties and trade union groups and are now looking for, outside the Bel Paese , sun and mild climate, serenity and fun, but above all they want a more favorable tax that transforms the pension received into a nest egg free of taxes and harassment.

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