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A Coolvoyage Destinatioons™ is a Destination Management Company (DMC), a company that deals with the organization of logistics services for tourism, holidays and business. We take care of organizing all ground services and also scheduled flights, registered national or international (i.e. where private companies use a daily timetable or several times a week). We create collaborations and commercial affiliations with hotels, air transport and other service partners (through affiliate marketing) specialized in a specific territory of which they have in-depth knowledge, which can be at a provincial, regional or national level. Through the Coolvoyage Destinations platform we are able to connect travelers with partner companies by providing the possibility of hotel reservations, transport, tours, excursions, event organization and anything else necessary. We differ from tour operators and travel agencies because we focus on a single destination and offer direct contact between selected suppliers and travellers/tourists. Coolvoyage is therefore a specialist able to provide offers for individual packages and services related to tourism, meetings, conventions and conferences in the destinations in which it specializes.

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Embark on an extraordinary journey through South East Asia's captivating destinations. Explore Singapore's vibrant blend of modernity and tradition, delve into the Philippines' breathtaking natural wonders, immerse yourself in Malaysia's diverse cultural tapestry, experience Thailand's bustling markets and tranquil temples, discover Indonesia's lush landscapes and ancient temples, and unwind in the Maldives' pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Discover our fantastic offers and enjoy a unique and unforgettable adventure, promising awe-inspiring sights, warm hospitality, and memories to last a lifetime.
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