Reasons to invest in Phuket Property

Why Investing in Phuket Property Makes Sense

If you have been thinking about purchasing a holiday home or an income generating property, then you may be keen to learn more about the enormous upside potential in Phuket real estate.

Is Purchasing Property in Phuket a Good Investment?

Known as the “Jewel of the Andaman Sea”, Phuket has long been acclaimed for its immaculate beaches and breathtaking scenery.

It should therefore come as no surprise that thousands of foreigners have decided to stake a claim in a property on this tropical paradise.  Originally drawn to the island as spellbound tourists, they are now either full-time residents or property investors in Phuket.

What made them choose to buy in Phuket?  Why does Phuket constitute a good investment?

We hope this article can assist potential buyers by highlighting the key driving forces for Phuket property over the medium to long term, and why the outlook is extremely positive.

Reasons to Invest for Both New and Experienced Investors

An Ever Improving Infrastructure

Some people buy property based on foresight and vision.

They came to Phuket decades ago and were captivated by the beauty and the culture of the Thai people. They saw how relatively underdeveloped the island was, but for them the future potential was obvious.

Anyone who visited Phuket even 15 years ago would hardly recognize it today.  In fact, people who return to Phuket after only 1 or 2 years away, are amazed by the pace at which development continues. And it doesn’t seem to be letting up; if anything it’s accelerating every year. The progress is simply incredible.

Healthcare Facilities

We have seen the opening of new world class hospitals and medical centres, modern dental offices and clinics of all kinds.  These improvements to medical care on the island are especially attractive to retirees.

Phuket’s two main international hospitals are:

Bangkok Hospital Phuket


Sririroj International Hospital 

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Quality Education

There is now an array of quality new schools for younger families of all nationalities, with extremely competitive fees.  The newly opened BCIS in Chalong even has Southern Thailand’s first planetarium. Don’t be surprised if an international university is the next institution to call Phuket home.

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World Class Shopping

And for the ladies (or men) who love shopping, the new Central Festival and Central Floresta takes up three of the four corners of the Darasamut Intersection, making this one of the best shopping experiences in Asia.

These noticeable improvements to infrastructure and services are occurring over very short periods of time, and truly are remarkable.  So much so, that investors with money to spare want to be a part of it, and feel extremely confident in the future of real estate in Phuket.

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