Jacques AND Savin Couelle

This brilliant copy of father and son, both artist and architect, played a crucial role in the development of the architectural style of the Costa Smeralda. In fact they produced a true masterpiece of art, which has become famous all over the world: the Hotel Cala di Volpe, which appears outside an ancient Mediterranean fishing village, while inside it is a modern creation of a surreal architecture , which involves and stimulates the spirit of every visitor who enters it.

Thailand extends ban on inbound flights until July 1st

Saturday’s announcement by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand means no inbound passenger flights to the kingdom until July 1st. The move will be another blow to stranded foreigners outside Thailand. It is also a signal to the country’s already devastated tourism industry and a huge number of informal workers who depend on it to survive, that there will be no quick return to normality.

China RE evolution

Owner of real estate and investment agencies in China and Europe, Long Fang Hu, illustrates to idealista / news the actuality of the Chinese real estate market after the outbreak of the covid-19. Long Fang Hu explains that used house prices have fallen by 30% and that the pace of sales has fallen between 10% and 30% in January and February. However, in March there was a slight recovery in activity and the rental market remained almost stable.

7 Reasons to Turn to Bicycle Mobility

In this period, in which coronavirus has obliged us to change our habits, a thing over everything has come to light: the problem of over-pollution. While we were closed at home, doing our duty to avoid the spread of the contagion, we saw the nature taking a sigh of relief. We saw videos of wild animals that walked undisturbed along the streets of towns, the water of canals in Venice becoming clear, dolphins playing near the docks of ports. Personally, I experienced a night of absolute silence, then another one where in the only sound was the rain falling on the balcony and on the ground. Now that phase 2 is started and gradually we’re moving again, I ask myself how pollution situation will evolve: will we adopt more green behaviours?