Small Villages of Phuket Island


is the main tourist resort on the island and the center of nightlife. 

The heart of the city is the famous Bangla Road, a pedestrian street dedicated to the famous Patong nightlife.

If you are attracted by the fascinating relaxation of the whole served or by the thrill of adventure, the sea of ​​Phuket is always there to be admired, in all shades from blue to the brightest blue. 

Mai Khao

is the longest beach on the island. A place that must have something special if even huge leatherback turtles come here every year to lay their eggs. 

An integral part of the Serinat National Park, Nai Yang beach is completely surrounded by pine trees and is the ideal place to enjoy undisturbed idleness or for picnics, between one dip and another. 

Those who want an exotic note amidst the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea should go to Rawai beach, an enchanting place surrounded by palm trees, also known for the village of the “Sea Gypsies”. 

Here live the sea gipsies, a minority of originally nomadic fishermen of Malay origin.

Karon and Kata Beach

are fairly quiet beaches where a good relationship between nature and urbanization persists. 

A quietly lively nightlife, an excellent catering offer and excellent accommodation facilities make these places the most suitable for satisfying the expectations and tastes of different target travelers: from singles to families with children. 

Nui Beach is

a beautiful beach in Phuket. There is also a small waterfall behind it. It is on the road to Karon / Kata Beach.

It can also be reached by boat by arranging with the guide also to be picked up on return. 

Nai Harn Beach

is a delightful beach located in the southernmost part of the west coast of the island, from here you can watch a beautiful sunset. 

Laem Singh features a striking scenery with a rock quarry which is located near the white sand beach. It is quite isolated but the effort to reach it is amply rewarded once you arrive.