Traditional Thai Massage

Who has never heard of Traditional Thai Massage? Thai massages are well known not only in Asia, but also appreciated throughout the West. There is no woman in the world who, loving spas, does not want to try a wellness holiday, in the name of relaxing and therapeutic traditional Thai massages.

This ancient form of treatment was documented for the first time by a rich Frenchman, who in 1690 stayed at the Thai royal court in Ayuthaya bearing the following testimony: “[…] when in Siam someone gets sick, lets his whole body be manipulated and modeled by a person skilled in this bizarre art […] “. Unlike that practiced in the West, Thai massage is not aimed at simply relaxing the body, it is much more extensive, and affects the palms of the hands, fingers, elbows, forearms, knees and feet. And it is performed in specific points of the body through pressure, muscle stretching and warm compresses with medicinal herbs. These practices restore tone and well-being to the whole body! Through the pressure of the fingers the energetic channels are stimulated, which allow the reactivation of the anatomical-functional systems of the body, and the immune system is stimulated, producing relaxation and relieving pain. The goal is to restore physical harmony through the uniform redistribution of the body’s nervous energies.

The origin of Thai massage

The Thai massage, in Thai language “NUAL THAI PHAMBORAN”, presents a methodology that was originally practiced only in Buddhist times in the country. One of the most famous is the Wat Pho in Bangkok. Its origins seem to go back to ancient Indian culture and tradition holds that the most skilled masseurs were blind masters. The traditional Thai massage provides a series of other specific practices such as, for example: foot massage (a foot massage, which for Buddhist philosophy represents the center of balance of our whole body) or aromatic massage with coconut oil or other essences, etc.

It is also a moment of pure relaxation and pleasure, in which the body benefits from manipulations and becomes pleasant to fall asleep, perceiving how stress gradually leaves the body.