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The main principles that are the driving force of the concept SW6 destinations are exceptional value and convenience, an innovative style and excellent service.
Following and believing in these principles that we have succeeded in generating our visionary concept of hospitality and services and selecting them from modern design to the services of the destination
The hotels our partners, clean and multifunctional are more than able to meet the demands of modern business travelers and leisure at the best possible price of category.
As the brand SW6 destinations continues to grow, we remain committed to offering our guests not only a fresh new experience, but great service and good value for money in travel destinations, so we select hotels Our partners.
SW6 destinations are not more than a semplicé Hotel ', but they are targets that in together offer an unbeatable value and a first service.
Our commitment to style and design, which includes comfort, technology, environment and attention to detail, is what sets us apart from other Hotel and service providers, we put together the best.
From the moment a guest arrives, we strive to ensure that every need is cared for. We firmly believe that it can be smaller things that make a difference-a simple smile, saying hello to a bystander or offering advice on the best local restaurants-can all go a long way to help guests feel comfortable in their surroundings.
We go out of our way to understand the individual needs of each guest which is why all our hospitality offers are complete with a set of services that makes sure guests.
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