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For us, keeping on the watch means going down as much as possible into the reality we encounter. Let yourself be guided by curiosity. And follow a thread. When I travel, I let myself be guided by chance, by chance encounters and by the unexpected. A list of good restaurants or fabulous panoramas is not enough, you need your heart, you need to love a place, you need to love a philosophy, you need to dive because a trip is not a simple holiday.


Per noi, stare all'erta significa scendere il più possibile nella realtà che incontriamo. Lasciati guidare dalla curiosità. E segui una discussione. Quando viaggio, mi lascio guidare dal caso, dagli incontri casuali e dagli imprevisti. Un elenco di buoni ristoranti o panorami favolosi non è abbastanza, hai bisogno del tuo cuore, devi amare un posto, devi amare una filosofia, devi immergerti perché un viaggio non è una semplice vacanza.

If you are looking for a lifestyle other than the western one, Thailand is the best country in the world to live in. The reasons are above all the oriental lifestyle, the excellent prices, much lower than in Europe and the opportunities that this land offers. We advise you to choose some less frequented places as a destination, such as the islands of the region, for example Koh Pha Ngan, near the famous Koh Samui, here you can realize your dream immersed in pristine corners and paradise beaches. Life in Thailand doesn't come cheap, and in the main cities of Bangkok and Phuket, you may find accommodation for just over 100 GBP. With a limited investment you could start your own business, but you have to deal with the local bureaucracy.
Londra: Londra ha un elenco quasi infinito di punti di riferimento e attrazioni per i visitatori (dopo tutto è Londra!). Perché non passare da Buckingham Palace e dire "ciao" ad alcuni reali? Che ne dici di una crociera al tramonto lungo il Tamigi? Non dimenticare il London Eye, il Big Ben, Hyde Park o la famosa Torre di Londra. Londra ha molti quartieri diversi con le proprie personalità, quindi porta scarpe comode ed esplora! A meno che, ovviamente, gli iconici autobus a due piani rossi non siano più veloci. Inoltre ... fish and chips. È stato detto abbastanza.
On Forums and Web communities there is a lot of talk about where we would like to live as pensioners, passing through options such as Spain, Greece, Cyprus, etc. All destinations have a motivation to push many Britons to choose them as the place we would like to live. Who wants to move to a different place, without a large expat community in the United Kingdom, where to immerse themselves in a different culture, in a harsh but welcoming nature, in some rural and warm village, but not too dry or arid. An Italian island, as large as Wales, called Sardinia, stands out in the middle of the Mediterranean, it is not unknown, not too built or marketed, warm climate, beautiful beaches, mountains and a rich cultural history. The North East has a phenomenal port and an International airport.
We are a group of artists who love underground and electronic music. We have created a portal where we can introduce ourselves, propose and tell experiences of musical life and travel proposals for unforgettable adventures at Tecno and Rock Festivals all over the world

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the world we have traveled in these years of travel, as protagonists and not just simple fans. In the part of the web portal dedicated to music, you will find music for your travels and ideas for unmissable festivals


Knotfest UK 2020
The National Bowl, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom22 August 2020 Heavy MetalRock


Primavera Sound Barcelona 2020
Parc del Fòrum, Barcelona, Spain3-7 June 2020 AlternativeElectronicIndie+1


Isle of Wight Festival 2020
Seaclose Park, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom11-14 June 2020 ElectronicHouseIndie+3


Parklife Festival 2020
Heaton Park, Manchester, United Kingdom13-14 June 2020 AlternativeElectronicHip Hop+5


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