Time in Jazz

Time in Jazz is a non-profit cultural association, established in December 1997. The founding members are the volunteers who for ten years, from 1988 to 1997, composed the organizational staff of the international festival Time in Jazz of Berchidda.

Time in Jazz volunteers are the engine of all activities and contribute to the creation of events that have made Berchidda, over the years, the beating heart of a lively and vital cultural activity for a small town like this.

In addition to the Time in Jazz festival, which is held every summer around mid-August, the association is also active in organizing other cultural events and initiatives at different times of the year. In 1998 the Altri Tempi review was born, focusing on cinema, theater and music. From that experience Shortime comes to life in 2009, an event that, between Christmas and New Year, concentrates a series of short musical, theatrical, dance and contemporary art events within a single day. same space.

Within the association also operates the PAV (Visual Arts Project), engaged since 1997 in a research and experimentation work on contemporary art through the preparation of exhibitions, installations, performances both within the festival and on other occasions during the year. Thanks to the activity of PAV today the cultural association Time in Jazz owns and keeps a private collection of contemporary works of art.

Added to these activities is the storage of material produced over the years: a precious heritage of documents and testimonies that make up the historical memory of Time in Jazz – audio and video recordings, newspaper clippings, photographs, drawings, posters – for the promotion of all the cultural activities that music and art languages ​​can generally suggest. In this sense, the association is a veritable laboratory of cultural ideas and projects that stimulate interaction between the various artistic-creative activities. Direct reflection of this archiving activity, the publication of a series of CDs taken from various concerts of past editions of the festival.

President and artistic director of Time in Jazz is the trumpeter Paolo Fresu, one of the major protagonists of the international jazz scene.