The true extent of the problem is unknown

The true scale of the daily discriminations experienced by PLHIV cannot
be described, and the data compiled here can only provide a limited
picture of the consequences of statutory regulations. There is currently
no system and no organization which centrally collects relevant cases
and reports on them.

We only have individual, anecdotal reports. Further
uncertainty about the true extent of these regulations is created by
the fact that existing laws are sometimes not applied or only applied by
some officials. The following information provides an overview of the
extent of the problem:

* Approx. 40 million people worldwide are living with HIV. Most of
the affected persons live in low and middle-income countries. Many of
them have an urgent need for treatment options in order to survive.

* According to figures from the United Nations World Tourist
Organisation (UNWTO), there were approx. 935 million international
arrivals worldwide in 2010.

* Approx. 191 million migrant workers live outside their own
countries, according to estimates by the IOM. The refugee commission of
the United Nations (UNHCR) assesses the number of refugees and people
seeking asylum at 20.8 million worldwide.

* With respect to the countries with discriminatory entry
regulations, more reliable monitoring of actual conditions is required
for the future. This is the only way we can show how PLHIV suffer
disadvantages and discrimination on a global level.


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