SW6D Ltd offers various tourism marketing services both for partnerships with companies and local authorities and services aimed at end users.

What are the aims of SW6 Destinations Ltd in Local Tourism?

SW6 Destinations Ltd aims to develop a policy of sustainable tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism that enhances the specificities and identities of the territory, promotes integrated tourism proposals and enhances them by raising the quality level and being able to address to everyone.

In particular, it aims to:

a) Collaborate in drawing up the development and marketing plan of the Local Tourist System;

b) Collaborate in drawing up the projects envisaged in the development and marketing plan of the Local Tourist System;

c) To offer adequate answers to the increasingly widespread demand for new services linked to the use of naturalistic, artistic, historical-archaeological values ​​and to the enhancement of the food and wine deposits present in the area;

d) Strengthen and nurture the new culture of hospitality and concretely support the offer of new services with particular attention to those intended to allow the disabled, the elderly and children a full use of the area;

e) Promote the improvement, restructuring and, where necessary, also the conversion of existing tourist establishments with particular attention to the training of operators;

f) Develop projects for new forms of land use related to education and environmental interpretation, including training in flavors, healthy nutrition, body care;

g) Encourage sports in nature with particular attention to sports for the disabled;

h) Support activities and processes of aggregation and integration between tourism businesses, including in a cooperative, consortium and affiliation form, and promote synergies and understandings between operators from different sectors, in particular with agricultural and artistic craft businesses, also in order to bring out their protagonism, also through the establishment of destination companies (DMC) and / or product clubs (PMC);

i) Strengthen and develop the network of associations and cooperatives operating in the hospitality sector – with particular reference to youth-based ones and Pro-Locos – and, in particular, to support technological innovation and the synergies of information offices and hospitality to tourists also with regard to the achievement of service standards;

j) Collaborate to create inter-territorial relations and agreements and with particular attention to international agreements, which today represent a fundamental food for the development of sustainable tourism and ecotourism;

l) Promote and manage the telematic marketing of typical tourist products for the optimization of their marketing in Italy and abroad, after organizing the marketing and training system of the local offer;

m) Collaborate in implementing inter-sectoral and infrastructural interventions necessary for the qualification of the tourist offer and urban redevelopment;

n) Support the technological innovation of tourist information and reception offices.