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Studying in England is undoubtedly the best way to perfect your English and invest in your future by attending for example a high school, a university preparation course abroad or a master's degree. We offer programs in various cities, from Manchester to London. We have been organizing study holidays in England since 1965. You can also study at an international boarding school in Oxford. With such an experience, you can count on us for an unforgettable stay. With more international students than any other city in the world and its incredible range of courses and universities, London is a fantastic place to study. Are you thinking of studying in London? Think no further and get ready to immerse yourself in the English language and the vibrant cultural life of the city as you attend your classes at one of the world's most renowned universities. To find out more, visit the Study London website, the official page for London universities and higher education institutions. London offers a huge choice of English language schools, for all levels and needs. On the official website of the English language schools in London you can consult the accredited colleges. To get the most out of your London study experience, find out if the school also organizes cultural activities in addition to regular classes. Tips for planning your studies in London Studying in London is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it is advisable to dedicate some time to proper planning of your studies. Here is a short list of things to remember: Do you know the access and registration requirements? Do you need a student visa to study in London? Do you have to pay university course fees? Are you thinking of combining work with study? Does your college offer assistance in finding student accommodation? To benefit from a series of discounts reserved for students, request an International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
CCfE Access to Higher Education Diplomas
If you want to study at university, but have no relevant qualifications don’t be discouraged! We have a solution. At Central College for Education, we specialise in Access to Higher Education Diplomas which prepare you to study your desired course at university. There are a variety of popular Access to Higher Education Diplomas to choose from. You can decide the one that’s right for you. Each of our diplomas has a choice of pathways so you can tailor your diploma and specialise in certain academic subjects to maximise your chances of meeting your selected university’s entry requirements. For instance, the Access to Higher Education Diploma (Health) is extremely powerful and opens up the possibility to study a wide range of Health related degrees. These can include Nursing, Midwifery and any Health Studies related degree. Following extensive research, we have carefully selected different pathways that maximise your chances of getting an offer to study a Nursing, Midwifery or Health Studies degree. Colleges and universities will have particular entry criteria for every higher education and degree course they offer. We highly recommend checking university entry requirements. It's essential because it could affect your chance of being accepted onto their degree course. Checking requirements is also important when choosing the right Access to Higher Education Diploma and in turn, the right pathway.
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Do you want the chance to study at university but didn't have a great experience at school? We would like to help you. CCfE specialise in the Access to Higher Education Diploma, which is expressly designed to prepare people without traditional qualifications, for study at university. Each year over 40,000 learners in the UK register on Access to Higher Education Diplomas. The vast majority go on to succeed in higher education, which in turn, allows them to carve out exciting career paths. Let us help you to join them.
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