Costa Smeralda and its myth
Telling the birth of the Costa Smeralda now lives between legends and history of a development initiative that has changed Sardinia, from its foundation in 1962 to the present day. The origins of the tourist myth are remembered, the fable of Prince Aga Khan hopelessly in love with this wild and inaccessible land (79), the development of the project (122) and the conquest of international fame, earned also thanks to the migration to the new tourist destination of showbiz personalities and world capitalism. Half a century later, that myth survives and remains a pillar of the Sardinian economy and an irreplaceable reference for those who, in choosing the destination for the holidays, stand out for good taste and love for a nature with unique colors and shapes. A sign that that much-discussed and often criticized model had its own coherence and was inspired by principles that still remain valid today.