Sardinia Balloons Festival

04 June - 06 June 2021

The first Sardinia Mongolfiere Festival will take place from 4 to 6 June 2021 in San Teodoro, the wonderful Gallura village overlooking the turquoise sea of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia.

Scheduled for summer 2020, the Festival will be a big news for the 2021 summer season

The debut on Sardinian skies is in San Teodoro, a seaside resort with breathtaking views and natural beauties.

The renowned tourist center, particularly loved by young people for its summer nightlife, boasts numerous beaches that lap a sea of tropical colors and transparencies.

On board the colorful flying balloons you can therefore enjoy all the beauty of the island from a breathtaking perspective.

The appointment is at the beach of La Cinta, a thin and long stretch of golden sand embraced by the blue and crystalline sea, the largest in the municipality of San Teodoro.