The restaurant is located in the center of Phuket Town, a short distance from the famous beaches of Phuket Island, but sufficiently sheltered from those hordes of tourists who sometimes do not do so well to the image of the island.

Ask for directions to find it, and everyone in town knows how to point you to the restaurant. This is a good sign too. Salvatore is waiting for us, and welcomes us inside his spacious room.

Warm, typically Mediterranean atmosphere, but without those concessions – so annoying – to the taste and image that foreigners often have of Italy. No whistles of wine and fisherman’s nets that come down from the ceiling, so to speak. Soft colors on the walls, many paintings, exposed bricks that appear here and there. And not to forget that we are still in Thailand, bunches of orchids decorate the centerpieces.

The cuisine is strictly Italian, with a due consideration for Sardinian cuisine, the land of origin of Salvatore Cossu.
A life spent around the world, always pursuing his passion as a cook and restaurateur.

First about fifteen years in the rainy holland, where in the 80s he opened very well-known restaurants still today, then a 180 degree turn, and a second life not only professional (also here another fifteen year cycle) in the very sunny phuket , thailand.

The restaurant is mainly frequented by local residents, expats who live in Phuket for work, or on a business trip, and that part of Thai society that loves Italy and Italian cuisine, and who knows how to choose the premises best suited to satisfy their tastes.

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