Before You Go

Sardinia’s health assistance system belongs to the National Healthcare Service (SSN) and is provided by public and private facilities affiliated with SSN. If you are not an Italian citizen, check the agreements between Italy and your country of origin.

Specialist care If you need specialist assistance you can contact the network of hospitals in the area. In the link below you can find the location of hospitals, useful numbers and all information on health care in Sardinia.

Specialist Emergency Medical Service If the tourism medical service is too far away, or closed during the winter, you can go to the specialist medical service. They are widespread across most areas and open all year during weekday nights, and all day on weekends and holidays. The cost of the service varies in the case of a home visit; for details visit the link below.


Pharmacies are very widespread; during public holidays and the night they are open on rotation. The address of the nearest open pharmacy can be found outside each one. Remember that many pharmacies require prescriptions that you can also get from the emergency medical service.

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