Living in Fulham
Fulham is a district of London, well known in Italy since the seventies, when the first Italians arrived in English in search of fortune. Together with Kensington and Chelsea, Fulham saw the first Italian restaurants in the capital flourish; you know Nino Manfredi in Spaghetti House? A movie to see The most famous streets of Fulham are between Parsons Green, Fulham Road, Fulham Broadway and Fulham High Street, merging with the much more famous King's Road, which in turn reaches Sloane Square. Several attractions, in addition to the numerous pubs and restaurants suitable for nightlife, are particularly worth mentioning the Fulham Palace, once the residence of the Bishop of London from the 11th century to 1975 (although the foundation dates back to 704), and the adjoining Botanical Garden. Will football fans know for sure that the home stadium of the Chelsea F.C. team, its name, is also present in Fulham Road? Stamford Bridge.
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Choose a Flight from Italy
As an important tourist destination, London is a city well connected to Italy and the rest of the world. Below you will find information on how to get to London. In Italy there are many low cost flights to London. You just have to choose the best offers and look for the most comfortable and economical solutions. Travelers to Northern Italy will find various flight offers from low cost airlines (such as EasyJet and Ryanair) that depart from numerous airports in the northern provinces. Tourists from the South can, on the other hand, travel only from the airports of Brindisi, Bari or Naples, while from Sicily from Palermo, Catania, Comiso and from Sardinia from Alghero, Cagliari and Olbia.
How to get around
London has an extensive network of public transport, which includes metro, buses, trains, trams and ferries, all well integrated with each other and useful for reaching every point of the city. The underground, the famous "tube" is certainly the simplest and most used means of getting around London quickly, but many tourists also don't mind a ride on the legendary red double-decker buses which, although they are a slower means, allow you to admire the city while sitting comfortably. Some of the main attractions are located fairly close to each other, so on good weather days you can even think about exploring the city on foot or by bicycle. Driving in London is therefore neither necessary nor advisable, given the traffic, costs and parking difficulties.
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Restaurant and Pubs
London is undoubtedly a rather expensive metropolis. When we organize a trip to London we try to inform ourselves with the aim of keeping unnecessary expenses to a minimum. If, however, saving on where to sleep is more difficult (but not impossible!), With some precautions it becomes feasible to spend the right amount on food. So let's see where to eat in London to stay satisfied without spending a fortune.