The Guinness family

Joan is the ex-wife of Loel Guinness, a British parliamentarian and patron of the beer of the same name, who in the 1950s financed the adventures of Jacques Cousteau and the research vessel Calipso. He will also be the producer of the documentary film “The silent world" shot in the depths of the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean: the film will win the Palme d’Or at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. In 1951 Loel married in third wedding Gloria Rubio Alatorre, known to the world as Gloria Guinness. Gloria, one of the most fascinating and therefore well-known women of the time, has a daughter, Dolores Maria Agatha Wilhelmine Luise, Freiin von Fürstenberg-Hedringen (1936–2012) – who will marry Patrick Guinness, son of Loel.

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