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Relationship sportsmen! The Thai national sport is the muay thai (Thai boxing for us Westerners) and in Phuket, specifically in Patong, where there are even two dedicated stadiums, you can attend meetings of this martial art every night.

The price of an evening in these stadiums is not exactly cheap, especially by local standards (about 35 euros), but certainly the experience is significant. In fact, before the encounters themselves (about ten, between wrestlers of various ages and sex), typical ritual dances take place. Even the entry of the athlete (the “nak su", the wrestler) into the ring is marked by superstitious peculiarities, as well as the subsequent warming, which precedes the actual meeting.

Muay Thai, like all martial arts, is not limited to training the body: rituals and physical and mental practices related to combat are a path based on physical improvement and respect for others. Today the muay thai is more than anything, in its contemporary version, a sporting discipline, in which the sporting spirit comes first of all: the meetings end with the proclamation of a winner who never fails to celebrate fair play, ensuring the state health of his contender. Muay Thai (aka Thai Boxing) is a physical and mental discipline that is also known as the “art of the eight limbs" thanks to its combined use of fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet. It is a tough sport that requires a lot of physical preparation and a high level fight is a real maze of feints, thrusts, maneuvers and full of head shots. Although the discipline has existed since the sixteenth century, it began to be noticed only in the West when Thai Muay Thai fighters won victories over combatants in more established combat sports. Lately, however, the number of people who come to Thailand to harden and get into the Muay Thai ring has exploded. Mainly located in the south of the island, here are some of the best Muay Thai schools in Phuket.

Tiger Camp, Chalong

Tiger is everyone's big dad. Located on nearly two acres of land in the central part of Phuket, Tiger was established in 2003 and is divided into weight and fitness sections along with areas dedicated to various levels of combat potential. Here, you will not have a professional or an advanced student in the same ring as a beginner, except of course in a teacher-student context. Tiger receives about 250-400 trainees a month with a percentage of girls and boys of 35-65%. English is the lingua franca and a significant number of apprentices are regular visitors. There are about 34 Muay Thai coaches and foreign coaches from all over the world at Tiger who specialize in fitness, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and MMA.


Sumalee Boxing Gym is for those who wish to combine training with western standards of service, accommodation, facilities and food. Located in three acres of land, those looking for a holistic training experience will find it here. The Sumalee boxing gym is owned by Thai / British and is located in the center of the island, on the east coast. Located in a tranquil setting, the gym nevertheless offers easy access to other parts of the island and to Phang Nga Bay. The gym has direct access to running trails through the unspoilt countryside with little or no traffic. The Sumalee boxing gym is well equipped and has a number of other facilities including a weight room, a restaurant, a pool and a yoga room. Group lessons take place twice a day, six days a week. Private lessons can be organized on request. There is a good relationship between coach and student. The training structure is suitable for both beginners and advanced students. The gym is particularly popular with families and couples. Sumalee Boxing Gym has a fighter sponsorship program open to both Thais and foreign students. The team of trainers includes well-known and decorated Thai fighters like Ganchai Fairtex and Petchmai. The gym also has some promising young Thai fighters including Yodbuangnam and Yodkhuntup.

Sinbi Muay Thai, Raway

Located not far from Nai Harn beach along a verdant and wooded road, Sinbi has state-of-the-art facilities, adequate accommodation, a high turnover of Muay Thai students and qualified teachers with experience from professional Muay Thai environments. In fact, all the trainers fought at the highest levels in the Lumpinee and Ratchadamnoen stadiums in Bangkok and some fought internationally. Sinbi Muay Thai organizes its competitions and attacks throughout southern Thailand, in order to guarantee a gap after all that hard training and training. The Sinbi Muay Thai also has the advantage of being just minutes from one of Phuket's most beautiful beaches.

Kingka Supa Muay Thai, Raway

Kingka Supa Muay Thai fills the void left by the long-term Rawai Muay Thai who has since moved to Khao Lak. Basically, the same structure applies and the camp has 15 bungalows and five shared rooms adjacent to its rings. Many satellite activities have sprung up around Supa, so you won't have to go far for a meal, a massage or a drink. In the morning and afternoon sessions led by a minimum of 12 instructors you will have the opportunity to choose from all levels of Muay Thai, from absolute beginners to the highest levels. Supa also organizes fights all over Thailand.

Suwit Muay Thai Camp

Open for over 20 years, Suwit is a Phuket facility and a ubiquitous show along Chao Fa East Road in Chalong, near the Phuket Zoo. Accommodation is provided for students and there is also a decent-sized pool for relaxing. Here, training courses are held twice a day for different levels and sessions are held six days a week. Suwit will guarantee fighting throughout Thailand and at the camp itself every Friday is a night of fighting and open to the public. For those who like street training it is important to note that the nearby flat secondary roads and lanes are particularly fun to explore.

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