The tourist market needs a person linked to the territory (destination) that is able to offer a ' product ' which can fully meet the needs of the tourist offer and enhancing tourist guest is able to offer a range of high quality services.
It is fundamental to offer a varied and qualified as possible of tourist services.

The SW6 DESTINATIONS Ltd aims to improve the quality and flexibility of management to focus its activities to the following guidelines, providing a range of services: promoting and developing the tourism potential of the target by tying the promotion marketing.

Being, therefore, the landmark tourist guests to provide a technical-organizational support, provide information and services, planning initiatives and opportunities for the development of tourism and trade.

The idea stems from the need to have a model that offers a "unique" able to offer system receptive tourism grows in terms of both quality and quantity.

The task of the Coolnoyze Voyage System Ltd is to offer these services through a network of Web Portals, one for the target but United by the selection criteria and standardized offer

The specific finding of a complete tourist product from typical and traditional resources both in terms of natural and historical heritage is eno.

Through a series of actions, which the SW6 DESTINATIONS Ltd intends to engage in, you will be able to reach competitive standards able to feed the market for tourists for several months a year.
The SW6 DESTINATIONS Ltd is a company composed of experts in the field of tourism, with particular attention to the development of new modes of communication related to web marketing, tourism product differentiation, and the management of tourist services following the principles of efficiency and effectiveness.

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