Let's face it: After an airplane trip, you can't wait to go at home or get to the hotel as soon as possible. Spending more time at the airport can become a stress factor. However, you still have to hurry the paperwork to document control. And, above all, wait for your suitcase to peep on the conveyor belt of the baggage recovery.Sometimes, a good grain. See the other passengers who – one by one – withdraw their suitcases and you there, waiting impatiently next to the tape.
Those minutes, often, seem to be an eternity. Well, there is a "trick" (indeed two) to make your suitcase arrive among the first on that tape.
"The best thing is to be among the last passengers to check in and deliver the baggage for the hold," explained Thomas Lo Sciuto, ramp and gate clerk, answering troops question about Quora, the social network based on a system of questions and answers to which part Ecipano experts and employees.
«By checking in at the last, your suitcases will end up in the last luggage trolley, which is then the last one loaded on the plane, and the first to be downloaded once at your destination. Your luggage will be the first to go out on the conveyor belt to the return. " Adds the Sciuto: "The trolleys are always loaded from the front towards the back", because for a more stable transport the heavier weight must be ahead.
The same logic is also applicable on the contrary, emphasizes the ramp and gate clerk working at an American regional airport: "If you are among the first to check in your suitcase – probably – will be among the last to get out on the conveyor belt".
What about the second trick? Upon check-in, kindly ask the ground staff to affix a "fragile" sticker to your suitcase. Those with content at risk of damage are usually loaded later and consequently discharged first.
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