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Low-cost trips have produced great revolutions not only in travel agency system. Even the tourist destinations had to adjust their offer, trying to make themselves more competitive in a market where product accessibility and dynamism are increasingly discriminating elements.
The tourist destination is certainly a geographical location,but also the local community, economic dynamics that are interwoven with political and social relations, natural and cultural heritage often together.
And above all it isa complex of tourist products and services "prevalent" among a multitude of small-business owners. The tourist destination is a complex system, which now has to build organized forms and effective attraction of tourism demand, without leading to the loss of that "genius loci" that in fact is the main reason why tourists come thereand nowhere else. It is therefore necessary to provide the target of an organisational structure, called Destination Management Company (DMC).
A person who has not necessarily strong contacts with local politics, but that does not necessarily have to have public juridical form. The work of the DMC you can structure on three different levels of intervention, which define a growing business complexity and integration of subjects exist on the destination.
The first level consists of the analysis of the tourism system, promotion and acceptance. The second refers to the intrinsic elements of tourism management. While the third level concerns the marketing of tourism products.
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