Tourism is one of the economic activities that, despite varying periods of extended crisis, nevertheless continues to record a good growth, growing faster when compared to other economic sectors. The key word is responsible tourism: true tourist product, in its broadest sense, based on the relationship between tourists and community residents, with their historical and cultural roots, in their natural environment. The real change in tourism is to treat the sites as destinations, namely as integrated systems that bring together the resources and tourist attractions.

Components and characteristics of tourism: the offer
The tourist product, in its broadest sense, is unique for a number of reasons, mostly due to the very nature of the product.
The purchase and consumption of this product are dictated by motives that favor the emotional aspects rather than rational ones, so a possible disappointment of expectations constitutes an aggravating circumstance than can occur in other areas.
Cannot be examined before, nor replaced later.

As a final remark, we must record that the tourist product is a system composed of different components, which have to interact synergistically with each other and with the environment so that the system functions.
Although the tourism system is complex, because with many forces that interact with each other and with the outside world, the tourist perceives in its unity, giving it a global value, which may decrease or increase depending on the value of individual parts and interaction. Every tourist has a dynamic character system as it maintains relations with a wider external environment characterized by a number of factors which vary over time.

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